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Customized Cultural Immersion Tours to Cuba for Creative Travelers


Cuba Art Adventures is a grassroots collective that offers customized cultural immersion tours of Cuba for creative travelers. We work with groups looking to travel to Cuba to develop completely legal tours that fit your interests and budget! 

Our local guides offer daily cultural excursions providing the opportunity to an authentic experience in the heart of Havana and its surroundings. With a focus on employing Cubans, we offer exploration of places and venues meant to enliven our creative spirits including guided visits to the Museum of Cuban Art, day trips to Cuban beaches, and tours of Old Havana historical sites. We welcome all people (ages 18 and up) looking for a personalized and unconventional tour to join us in discovering the beauty of Cuban art and culture.

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Explore Havana &  Trinidad From the Inside

Colorful vintage cars, mesmerizing architecture, salsa's living roots, a proud spirit of communitarianism, white sand beaches, and gorgeous countrysides provide endless inspiration.

Led by charismatic and helpful local guides, we offer daily cultural excursions that afford an opportunity to know Havana and its surrounds from the inside. Activities can include a walking tour of Old Havana, visits to renowned museums and cultural sites, private gallery tours, a vintage auto and architecture tour, day trips to the gorgeous Vinales tobacco valley and Varadero beach.... and of course mojito-making lessons! 

Painting & photo by @jennyrushmore

Havana is an artist’s paradise: full of bright pastel colours, crumbling facades and beautiful people.
— Jenny Rushmore, March '17 CAA Trip Participant

Casa Accomodation

Accommodation is in Cuba's classic "casa particulares" bed & breakfasts provide an authentic look into Cuban life. Run by local families, these private homes are clean, comfortable, and equipped with kitchens and air conditioning. Bathrooms have showers and hot/cold running water. Casa breakfasts are typically tropical fruit, eggs with or without ham, rolls, coffee/tea, and fresh fruit juice.


Cuban Friends & Family

Our guides for excursions are knowledgeable and give personal as well as historical experience. Our hosts are elegant and welcoming casa owners. Our salsa teachers make it easy to relax and have fun in Cuba. The Cuban friends who join us for meals will share their life experience and views, and be eager to hear your impressions of the country they love. Most of our travelers to Cuba tell us that in a country of beautiful and compelling sights and experiences, it's the people who leave the strongest positive impression. Here, it will be easy to make Cuban friends and begin to see the country through their eyes.

Note: CAA trips are completely legal under US and Cuban policy (existing and projected) for travel to Cuba.  You will travel under a General License consistent with OFAC Regulations Section CFR 515,565(b).  On your US Travel Affidavit, this is a “person-to-person” purpose for travel, facilitated by our group.  At the completion of your trip, CAA will provide you with an affidavit including a full itinerary of completed activities, demonstrating your compliance with these US legal regulations.


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