We traveled to Cuba with our 3 children in their 20’s. This was one of our best vacations ever. We all had such a good time, and loved Cuba! It sounds like such a stereotype to say this, but the people are so friendly, helpful, fun-loving, and proud of Cuba. We feel proud of Cuba too.
Traveling with Laura is more like visiting a friend in a new city than hiring a guide. She and Yassar took care of all the logistics and made great suggestions for activities but were also very flexible and responded to our interests. She also made lots of opportunities for us to meet Cubans and get a real feel for the place. We loved it. I highly highly recommend Cuba Art Adventures!
— Laura Wiener, February 2019 Participant
I celebrated a milestone birthday over New Years eve with my two dearest friends. Laura and Yassar helped make this experience incredibly special. We immersed ourselves in Cuban culture through art, dance, food, and exploring the city, countryside and ocean. Laura and Yassar become our friends and we will treasure them and our experiences in Cuba forever. Thank you for giving me an experience of a life time. Turning 60 was painless:).
Whatever you are looking for or if you don’t know what you’re looking for Laura and Yassar can guide you in any direction.
I have been fortunate and done a lot of adventure traveling. This is at the top.
— Laurie Gorlick, January 2019 Participant
Absolutely awesome and wouldn’t have been half as wonderful if it wasn’t for the expert guidance of Laura, Yasser and Leo. Customized and always had a plan B, C & D that was often needed over there. Great recommendations for food, activities, travel. Highly, highly recommend you use them for your Cuba tour experience. You won’t be disappointed!!!
— Patty Ball, January 2019 Participant
I just returned from a 6 night, 7 day Cuba Art Adventure experience with a small group of good family & friends — 5 of us. So much about this experience was memorable — the lovely casa and its warm hosts, the museum tours with knowledgeable local guides, Laura’s flexibility and ability to customize for us as necessary, a full day in the country at tobacco and organic farms, fun rides in classic cars, dancing and live music after delicious dinners. The guide team, Laura, Ingrit and Yasser, is amazing - so knowledgeable, kind and generous. And, this feedback is just the tip of the iceberg... I loved the whole experience!
— Donna Friedman, February 2018 Participant
I am grateful and proud to have been part of your project to make a bridge between our countries and people, and to have experienced Havana in such a human way.
— Jodie Cohen, June 2017 Participant
I am already a little jealous of the next group.
— Thrassos C., May 2017 Participant
Havana is an artist’s paradise: full of bright pastel colours, crumbling facades and beautiful people.
— Jenny Rushmore, March 2017 Participant
It’s a rare privilege to have passionate and articulate locals on hand to guide you in a complicated place like Cuba. The tour schedule provides something to scratch every curiosity itch, which you can take — or leave, to pursue your own itinerary.
— Alison Darrow, May 2017 Participant
Laura’s art and cultural immersion trip to Cuba is fantastic! It’s a perfect balance of exploring this beautiful country and its people and time to create art. After the week, you’ll leave with lots of inspiration and wonderful memories!
— Clare Putnam, March 2017 Participant
To sum up the Cuba trip with CAA in two words: muy bien! Cuba, and Havana in particular is an inspiring place to be if you’re an artist, or just a curious traveler. Not only is there something to sketch on every corner, but there’s an instant soundtrack to your trip as live music is never far away! You’re in good hands with the CAA crew!
— Eric W., March 2017 Participant
Laura had organized a great team to take care of transportation, housing, food, dancing, tour guides and visiting places of interest. Havana and Cuba are so beautiful to paint. Their National Museum of Fine Art will show you how their masters have painted. And the trip is centered in a very interesting culture that somehow works! A very accommodating hostess and country.
— David Miller, May 2017 Participant
Cuba was a paradise for visual people! It started with the antique car driving us from the airport and into Havana. It’s so lush, tropical shades of green mixed with bright pops of other colors in bright shades. We enjoyed all of the daily art tours and also having time to ourselves for exploring. There were many restaurants suitable for Foodies. Laura and her team took great care to give us the perfect trip and many fond memories to take home. We also had some sketches and a few new dance moves. I’d recommend it without reservation!
— Lynda H, May 2017 Participant
I loved staying in Old Havana — the people, the music, the food — it was an amazing experience to learn about the everyday lives of the people who there. And there was always plenty to do or plenty of down time — whatever your heart desires!
— Donna Socha, May 2017 Participant

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