Our Team


Laura Quincy Jones

Organizer & Group Leader


Laura Quincy Jones is a painter, writer, and teacher originally from Boston, MA, USA now living and working in Havana, Cuba.  Here, Laura has gotten to know her neighbors and many inspiring Cuban friends.  She studies Spanish language and Cuban dance, paints and writes, collaborates with Cuban friends and colleagues to host international creative people with CAA, and teaches English in her neighborhood pro bono. Before coming to Cuba, Laura spent years living and working on farms in Australia and Japan as well as slow-traveling through Russia. When living in Boston, she teaches literacy in inner-city high schools and community colleges, gardening in the juvenile justice system, and painting in adult education centers. Laura exhibits and sells her artwork in Boston and online, and is preparing a book-length illustrated narrative for publication. Her professional background and lifelong commitment is to urban education. Laura holds degrees from Brown, Cambridge, and Tufts universities — though the school of life, her international friends and students continue to be her teachers. 

Laura is the founder and lead organizer for CAA.  With groups, she co-leads daily activities and runs drawing/painting workshops in Havana's streets and parks.

Find more of Laura's artwork and projects at www.lauraquincyjones.com.


Ingrit Ledon


Tour Guide


Ingrit has been a professional tour guide in Havana for several years, and before that got her degree in French and English education at the Enrique José Varona Pedagogical Institute. She’s hospitable and helpful to all her clients, welcoming them to Cuba with her knowledgeable, elegantly diplomatic and good-natured personality. Eventually Ingrit would love to work with cruise lines, offering tours for their customers.

With CAA, Ingrit leads some city tours and group conversations.


Yusel Mendez

Tour Guide


Yusel is an English teacher in Habana, giving beginner-level lessons to children, teenagers, and adults in their homes.  He also does some tour guiding with visitors. From a family of educators, Yusel’s strength as a teacher and guide is his positivity in encouraging communication and helping people be their best selves in Havana. He’s famous in his neighborhood for being respectful to everyone and responsible about his commitments, always with a huge smile. Although he’s serious while he’s working, Yusel loves to dance (freestyle, not casino salsa) and enjoy sharing time with good friends.

For CAA, Yusel supports for guided activities, transportation and group conversations.


Dayana Ramos Gómez

Spanish Teacher


Dayana is a professor of Spanish as a Second Language. She completed her degree in Philology at the Central University of the Cities in Villa Clara, Cuba, and has worked for six years in the Preparatory Faculty of the University of Medical Sciences in Havana teaching her language to students from various countries studying medicine in Cuba. In addition to teaching, she loves to read, cook, and spend as much time as possible with her family, her husband and wonderful friends.

For CAA, Dayana teaches group and individual Spanish language classes.


Sonny Oram

Web Design, Graphic Design, & Social Media


Sonny Oram is a web designer, graphic designer, and social media guru living in Boston, MA USA. Sonny also works in communications for MIT's Department of Urban Studies and Planning. Sonny Oram is the Founding Editor of Qwear, a website that showcases LGBTQIA+ modes of expression. See Sonny's graphic design portfolio here

For CAA, Sonny does web and graphic design as well as social media and outreach.


Roger Jones

Executive Assistant


Roger divides his time between Vermont and Florida, USA, but gives 100% of his energy and attention to family and loved ones.  Having retired from a fulfilling executive career, he now has time to take more walks in the woods, play with his grandson Jett, and help his daughter Laura with her projects in Cuba. 

For CAA, he provides crucual state-side logistics support, and cheerleading.