Meet the Real Cuba: Down-to-Earth Travel for Adventurous, Creative People

Dates: November 1-30, 2018, Boston, MA


Event Length: 1-2 hours

The presentation includes:

  • Address some basic questions about what definitely is and is not legal in terms of Cuba travel, and how to initiate the process for interested travelers.
  • Highlight day-to-day, accessible examples of some of Cuba’s cultural gems, beyond the old cars and cigars – we’ll talk about what resourceful and resilient responses to challenges, dance and music, education and social consciousness look like on the ground in Havana.
  • Point out a few sights and experiences that visitors don’t want to miss, and give some tips about how to get the most out of them.
  • Feature a few key pieces of Cuban artwork, from the museums to street murals to new sculpture art. I’ll also include a few of my own illustrations of daily life in Havana.
  • Briefly outline the types of tours offered by Cuba Art Adventures, and what makes these unique, useful and accessible experiences. [Note, this is just a 1-sentence mention in the talk - the focus of the talk is Cuban culture and travel in general; people can follow-up with me outside the event if they're interested in my tours]
  • Offer an opportunity for Q&A during and after the presentation.