Travel To Cuba Legally with Cuba Art Adventures!

Trump's new policy regarding travel to Cuba have left some of our friends in the US with questions regarding the legality of our trips. We've consulted lawyers and collaborated with other tour operators, and are confident that we are in compliance with existing and projected policy requirements for travel to Cuba.  

As a US visitor with CAA, you will come to Cuba under the General License, consistent with OFAC Regulations Section CFR 515,565(b). On your US Travel Affidavit, this is a “person-to-person” purpose for travel, facilitated by our group. We stay at legal casa particulares, maintain a full schedule of activiites in accordsnce with the US guidelines, and do not engage in political activity. At the completion of your trip, CAA will provide you with an affidavit including a full itinerary of completed activities, demonstrating your compliance with these US and Cuban legal regulations.


Street art photo by Jenny Rushmore

Street art photo by Jenny Rushmore

Cuban friends continue to depend on our tourism and good will, so it's important that we spread the word in the US that visits like ours are viable, welcomed, and meaningful. For our team, this is perhaps the most important point. Cuban-style resourcefulness and resiliency can be our teachers as we persevere to build positive connections with this special country and people.

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Laura Jones